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If you’re struggling to get traffic (or the right kind of traffic) to your website, you need Melbourne SEO services. 

SEO (or search engine optimisation) is crucial to your business. It makes your website more visible, drives traffic and gives you more opportunities to convert leads into customers. 

Become more visible. Compete with bigger brands. And find the right customers. All with our Melbourne SEO services.

Why Ryan’s Digital Marketing SEO Services?

We take a comprehensive approach to SEO to make it work for you – your Melbourne business – and your goals. You’ll get high-ranking search results and increased traffic so you boost your sales and beat your competitors. 

When you work with us, you’ll have a full team of SEO specialists at your fingertips. From a dedicated digital marketing specialist who is your go-to with any questions at any time to your SEO manager whose goal is to maximise your online visibility and organic search results within Google and other search engines.

We’re here to help you increase conversions and sales while outperforming the competition. And our Melbourne SEO services help us do just that.

Ryan's Digital Marketing model

What Are Melbourne SEO Services?  

SEO is simply the process of helping to improve the online visibility of your website within a search engine’s (typically Google’s) organic search results. These are not paid ads. But organically generated listings that show the world that you are an authority in that space. 

Many people find SEO overwhelming and confusing. But it doesn’t have to be! Our SEO services in Melbourne make SEO easy to understand, transparent and simple. Better yet, you’ll see excellent results.

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On-Page and Off-Page SEO Melbourne Services

You can think of SEO in two parts – on-page and off-page – and both are important to your overall SEO strategy.

  • On-Page SEO. Here we will make changes to your website itself. This might be adding or editing blog posts, landing pages or other content. And it involves including targeted keywords and other SEO techniques to keep humans interested and Google (and other search engines) happy.

On-page SEO can include: Web page content, Videos, Blogs, Infographics and E-books.

  • Off-Page SEO. These are all the things that we do away from your website. They might include local citation or business directory listings, or media outreach. We customise your off-page SEO services to complement your on-page for exceptional results.

Off-page SEO includes: Backlink building, Podcasts, Listicles, Articles published in other forums, such as LinkedIn, How-to guides, White papers, Social media posts and Local Listings.

Ryan's Digital Marketing model

Our Melbourne SEO Services

At Ryan’s Digital Marketing, our expert team provides SEO services to small to medium-sized businesses located all across Melbourne.

Our goal is to increase your visibility and your business’ success using a bespoke combination of optimisation techniques. Some of those might be:

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Blog Posts

High-quality blog posts help you demonstrate your authority and expertise on a specific topic. This shows Google that you are the expert and its algorithm will drive more traffic to your website as a result. We use targeted keywords, such as “Are Melbourne SEO services worth it?” to create tailored blog posts that target customers that are ready to convert.

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Landing Pages

Landing pages convert more traffic because they’re focused on one goal only. They are written to provide information on a specific offer, item or topic. And because they are simple, they keep the reader interested and drive them towards taking the next step to work with you.

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Written and placed on your website, an e-book can help increase your reputation as the authority within your niche. It will also increase brand awareness, even more so if it becomes popular and is shared among others in your potential audience.

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These are excellent tools to collate a large amount of information into a more condensed, easy-to-understand format. They work very well on blog posts and when describing your services, offers or the benefits that you bring.

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Audio & Video

Creating a podcast or videos which are shared on your blog is an excellent on-page SEO strategy. Both are hugely popular and allow you another path to get your brand noticed both by your audience and search engines.

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Social Media Marketing

We’ll utilise social media platforms to build brand awareness and get you in front of your potential customers. Research shows that the most popular social media trends are Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Facebook. You might also want to consider social media influencers depending on your market and industry. 

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SEO Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply paying commissions for referrals. Melbourne SEO services can be an important part of the connections between the website of you as the business owner, and the website of the referrer.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns consist of welcome emails, follow-up feedback emails and newsletter emails (to name a few). And they are an excellent tool for driving traffic to your website and bringing in more customers and conversions.

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Online PR

Traditional public relations is still an important part of marketing, digital marketing and SEO. Journalists and media publications need experts. And when they include you in their content, they both direct traffic to your site, as well as raise your profile and brand awareness.

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Why Are Organic Search Results Important?

Organic traffic is vital to your business because it’s highly targeted. The users who come to your site based on organic search results have a very specific need or intention. When you pop up in their search results that means that Google – or any search engine – believes that you are the one with the solution or answer to that question. And if you are, then the user is much more likely to become customers.

But to get these highly targeted results you need SEO. 

Our Melbourne SEO services are designed to improve your ranking in organic search results. While historically, business owners have been very concerned at ranking in the number one position for a certain set of keywords, this is less important now. Today it’s the combination of SEO ranking factors that matter and which combine to create an overall excellent user experience.

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SEO Ranking Factors

Each SEO ranking factor carries a certain amount of ‘weight’. Only Google knows precisely what that is and is constantly adjusting these factors. 

But as SEO experts we have a good sense of where that value lies. And with testing we can help you spend time and resources on the right factors for optimal results.

  • PageRank: This is Google’s metric for determining the strength of a website’s authority relative to others. The higher a website’s PageRank, the more likely it will be trusted by Google and displayed in the search results. 

The main contributing factor to a website’s PageRank score is its number and quality of backlinks.

Ryan's Digital Marketing model
  • Backlink: A backlink is a link from a webpage on a domain to a webpage on another domain, and Google uses backlinks to help determine a website’s PageRank score. A backlink that comes from a high-quality website may deliver positive value to your website’s PageRank score. On the other hand, if a backlink comes from a low-quality website, it may hurt your website.
  • Domain Age: The age of a domain is not usually considered a significant ranking factor. But typically websites ranking at the top of page one are at least a few years old because they’ve had time to establish content and acquire backlinks.
  • Domain History: If a domain has a record of continuously being penalised by Google, it could prevent the website from being displayed at the top of the search results. 
  • Content: Content is the words on a web page, and Google gives preference to pages that comprehensively cover a topic. That’s because Google’s objective is to display the best possible search results to users.
  • Exact Match Domain: This is where the domain is also the primary keyword. For example, if you’re trying to rank for the keyword ‘SEO agency’, you might try to register the domain name This can give you a small advantage because almost every backlink will use the keyword in the anchor text of the domain name. On the flip side, however, it could put you in a tricky situation when you’re trying to rank for any other type of keyword.
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  • Top-Level Domain Extension: For example, ‘.au’ is a top-level domain frequently used by many Australia-based businesses. So, using it can help a business rank higher in Australia for locations based in Australia.
  • Title Tags: These are part of the metadata for a webpage. When your title tag includes the keyword for the page, it helps the search engines focus on that keyword as the primary topic for a page.
  • Description Tag: These are also part of the metadata for a web page. While Google has confirmed they don’t use it as a ranking factor whatsoever, it’s still essential to include the focus keyword. This helps increase the click-through rate within the search results.
  • Heading Tags: Also known as H tags, these allow web developers to mark up a page to focus the search engine’s algorithm on the important parts of the content more efficiently.
  • Keyword Usage: Refers to the frequency of keywords included within the content itself. Keywords must accurately reflect the topic and be used naturally in content that is genuine and helpful for humans, not search engines. 
  • Clean URL: Your URL should clearly and concisely describe what a page is about. SEO best practice is to use lowercase letters and separate any words using hyphens.
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  • Robots.txt file: This file allows website owners to tell search engines which pages they should or shouldn’t index. It’s helpful to you because Google’s robots won’t spend their time reviewing pages you’re not ready to share yet.
  • Sitemap: This helps tell search engines the website’s structure. It should include a list of every page on the website, when it was created and when it was last updated. When done correctly, it increases the likelihood that Google will find every page on your website and, therefore, index it.
  • Dwell Time: This is the amount of time a visitor spends on a page. Google looks at this number because it helps them understand how helpful a page is and whether visitors find the answer to their queries. To increase dwell time it’s crucial to design it to keep visitors engaged. Fantastic content, great images, engaging videos and even interactive tools are good ways to help improve this.
  • Bounce Rate: This is the number of visitors who leave a website after viewing one page. If your bounce rate is high, Google will begin to rank you lower because they don’t see you as a good response to search queries.
  • Canonical Tag: These help search engines understand what the preferred version of a website should be – HTTPS://, HTTP://, HTTPS://WWW and HTTP://WWW. Using canonical meta tags helps search engines index and display the correct variant in search results.
  • NoIndex Metatag: This tag is used to tell search engines not to index either a website or webpage because it isn’t ready to be displayed.
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Search Results are a Combination of Factor Interactions

It’s extremely important to note that each ranking factor and website component will impact each other and other areas. None can be looked at in a vacuum. 

Because of that, it’s best practice with SEO services to ensure that every factor is implemented correctly regardless of how important one factor may be by itself.

Our expert Melbourne SEO team is ready to help you customise your SEO strategy.

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