What We Do

We research your company, your competitors and your target audience. We then create a campaign based on your ideal results using a keyword list based on those your customers use when using search engines for your products or services. If you have an existing campaign, we will use this information to optimise it. We then strategically adjust bids to secure optimal ad placements while maximising ROI (Return On Investment).

Why We Do It

We want to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck. Using real-time data, we can see what advertising gives the best ROI and grows your business most effectively.

How It Helps You

Google advertising campaigns build your customer base by showcasing your products and services to your target audience and increasing brand awareness and revenue! Our Google Ads management encompasses a comprehensive array of services designed to continuously enhance your advertising campaigns’ performance and effectiveness.

Our Google Ads Services

Initial Setup and Continuous Optimisation

This involves the initial structuring of campaigns, ad groups, and creatives tailored to your business objectives. Ongoing optimisation focuses on refining targeting parameters, keywords, and ad content to improve relevancy and performance continually.

Keyword Management

In-depth research, selection, and management of keywords that resonate with your audience’s search queries. Regular refinement of keyword lists ensures alignment with evolving user behaviour and search trends.

Bid Management and Optimisation

Strategically adjusting bids to secure optimal ad placements while maximising ROI (Return On Investment). Constant monitoring of bid strategies and adjustments based on real-time campaign performance data.

Ad Copy and Creative Refinement

Rigorous testing and optimisation of ad copies, headlines, descriptions, and visuals to boost click-through rates and conversions. Utilising A/B testing methodologies to identify high-performing ad variations.

Audience Targeting Refinement

Analysing audience data to fine-tune targeting parameters. This involves continuous optimisation of demographics, interests, behaviours, and remarketing lists to reach the most relevant and engaged audience segments.

Performance Monitoring and Detailed Reporting

Continuously track key metrics like click-through rates, conversions, cost per acquisition, and return on ad spend. Providing regular, detailed reports to track campaign performance and highlight actionable insights for improvement.

Conversion Tracking and Optimisation

Setting up and monitoring conversion tracking to measure specific actions (e.g., purchases, form submissions). Continuous optimisation based on conversion data to enhance overall campaign performance.

Budget Allocation and Management

Ad spend is strategically managed across campaigns to maximise results. Budget allocations are adjusted based on performance insights to prioritise investment in high-performing areas.

A/B Testing and Experimentation

Conducting experiments and A/B tests to identify the most effective ad elements, landing pages, and targeting strategies. Implementing changes derived from test results to drive continual campaign improvement.

Staying Ahead with Industry Trends

Staying informed about Google Ads updates, algorithm changes, and industry trends to adapt strategies accordingly and capitalise on emerging opportunities. This comprehensive ongoing management approach ensures that your Google Ads campaigns are continuously refined, optimised, and aligned with the latest trends and best practices, aiming to deliver consistent and exceptional results for your business.